Steaming Mules

...because looking pretty is not enough.

projects :

Wells Fargo Bank

Business Banking Group

web master

Pioneering company intranet web design for data warehouse application evaluating and analyzing $4 Billion commercial banking lending portfolio. Dynamic content, including graph and charting capabilities, generated by JAVA, JSP, SQL, and Oracle engine.


  • Company intranet web design, including communication of division resources, application functionality, and team identity.
  • Establishment of brand through creation of division logo and color pallette.
  • Increased efficiency through overhaul of navigation and distillation of pages.
  • Application efficiency increased through the conversion of JAVA servlets to JSP pages.
  • Early implementation of CSS to allow for fluid and flexible design and global updating.
  • Site contruction and implementation: UNIX. Graphics: Macintosh. Portal: MS Windows.