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small business web design
small business web design
small business web design

Front-End Internet and Intranet Development

Thomas Bachand is a front-end web, imaging, and technology professional with expertise in hand-coded web design and development, photography, multimedia, and server application integration. He creates effective, easily navigated, responsive, SEO designs for corporate and small business.


  • Small business & corporate internet & intranet web design, development, and maintenance for multi-billion corporate and small business web.
  • Custom, responsive, hand-coded web site development leveraging proven technologies, including XHTML, DHTML, HTML5, XML, CSS, and JQUERY.
  • Web site user interface and navigation, including Drupal and Wordpress CMS.
  • Mobile app development utilizing JQUERY Mobile and JQTouch.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and Google App integration, including Analytics, Earth, Maps, Docs, and Sites.
  • Illustration, including graphics and technical illustration
  • Copywriting, editing, and e-Book development and design.
  • Photography and Quicktime VR virtual tours for commercial and publishing clients, including artificial and natural lighting, retouching, color management, large-format scanning and printing, and image libraries.
  • Training and office workflow integration.